Log book w.o.w. never alone

w.o.w.n.a. project numbers

W.o.w.n.a Infographic

W.O.W.N.A. together Bambini in Braille for "A spasso con le dita" exhibition

Some exhibition's activities

From Floating Piers to Bergamo's Braille Museum

W.O.W.N.A. accompanies childrens of Bambini in Braille association.

Bambini in Braille on "The Floating Piers" with "Walk on water, never alone" tablet.

Unione Ciechi of Lecco with W.O.W.N.A. with tactile tablet

Unione Ciechi of Lecco with W.O.W.N.A. with tactile tablet

Gruppo Unione Ciechi of Lecco on "The Floating Piers" with "Walk on water, never alone" tactile tablet.

Ciao lago d'iseo


One of the firsts who used "Walk on water, never alone" Tactile Tablet.


Delivering of W.O.W.N.A. tablets and installation of roll-up at Iseo, Sulzano and Peschiera Maraglio's info Point.

Opening ceremony of "The Floating Piers"

Double interview - Elisa and Fabrizio

Elisa and Fabrizio tell

Press Conference

Press Conference at opening ceremony of "The Floating Piers"

Virtual fly on The Floating Piers

Giocare all'arte con Christo

The book "Giocare all'arte con Christo" by Paola Amarelli (ed.) - Morcelliana Editore is on selling in libraries on neighbours territory. A novel is born by meeting between Madonna della Neve Primary School of Adro with Christo, a Land Art master, during "The Floating Piers" installation on Lake Iseo.


Press Conference

Introduction of "Walk on water, never alone" project at ex Chiesa dei Disciplini in Sale Marasino (BS) Via Roma 41, hours 15pm.

The first tactile tablet booked.

In this photo Piera with her son Andrea Riccardo Priola in Castiglione Olona (Varese).

Meeting with students

Introduction of "W.O.W.N.A." project to 2nd and 3rd primary school, 2nd secondary school of Madonna della Neve Institute.

Meeting at Franciacorta Stampi

Elisa meets the three owners Franco Cadei, Cristian Ferrari, Ezio Ghitti, at Franciacorta stampi headquartersi.

WEB SITE Franciacorta Stampi

A map in the dark: join their world.

In this example, which has no scientific valure due to the fact that it has been thought by graphic designers, we want to try, as much as possible, to describe a scheme that could summarise all the perception that could be built inside their imaginary reality by blind people.

We don’t live the phisical condition of a blind person, but knowing the image, we can try to throw our “Floating Pears” towards their bank.

“You are blind and I am deaf and dumb:
if your hand touches mine we can understand each other”.


Izabella meets the project

Presented and approved by Izabella Tzenkova (the artist’s niece) at the Ist. Madonna della Neve.

Meeting with OMAC and CM CAPOFERRI

Appointment to evaluate the technical aspects and the way of creating the tablet.


Escursione sul Ponte galleggiante

Escursione con la classe 2a elementare dell'Ist. Madonna della Neve, presso l'opera di Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Presentation initiatives at Ist. Madonna della Neve.

Meeting with the school director father Paolo Carli and with the didactic coordinator of the primary school Dott. Paola Amarelli, accompanied by teacher Luisa Moleri.

Presentation of the initiative to the Comunità Montana

Meeting with the president of the Community Montana Paola Pezzotti and the secretry Anna Pezzotti to present to initiative.

The prototype

Withdrawal of the prototype by the ASPEX s.n.c

Construction of the prototype in 3D

Preparation of the model on computer using 3D software.


The first draft for developing the idea “Walk on Water, never alone” as a tactile tablet.