Everything about W.O.W. never alone

The Tactile Tablet

  • For the event: The Floating Piers
  • Where to find it: On reservation at E-mail address reservation@walkonwaterneveralone.com, at the distribution points.
  • Event dates: June 18th – July 3rd 2016

The tactile board “Walk on the water, never alone” consists of a board that emulate the surface of the lake, from which the mountains and the shape of the artwork raise as a low relief.

Size 170x240x12 mm (6,70x9,44x0,50 in), made out of emerald rubber, is smooth, it weighs 200 grams.

Technical details

  • Size: 170x240x12 mm (6,70x9,44x0,50 in)
  • Weigh: 200 gr
  • Material: Rubber

For the creation of this instrument, as well as the 3D design with the Maxon software Cinema 4D, we availed ourselves of the skills of OMAC s.r.l. (based in Palazzolo s/O – BS) and Franciacorta Stampi di Corte Franca (BS) for the creation of the mold and of the proficiency of CM Capoferri Luigi s.r.l. (based in Adrara S. Rocco – BG) for the moulding of the pieces. The silicone blends have been kindly provided by MESGO S.p.A. from Gorlago (BG).

W.O.W. never alone Team

Inside each shared idea there’s a great challenge

Elisa Lottici
Idea & Concept Designer


To be there is the thing

Emanuele Lottici
Art Director & Communication

Life is made of Colours ... so why shouldn’t we use them?

Andrea Sabadini
Graphic & Web Designer


Madonna della Neve team
Padre Paolo De Carli
Paola Dott. Amarelli
Luisa Dott. Moleri

Giulia Dott. Almici
Contacts responsible for blind people

Sebastiano Dott. Presti
Tecnico dell’educazione e della riabilitazione in orientamento mobilità e autonomia personale per disabili visivi

Comunità Montana del Sebino
The Floating Piers
organization manager
Paola Pezzotti
Anna Pezzotti

Silvia Del Re
Speaker Inglese

Laura Molinari
Speaker Italiano